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Herbs for Childhood Ailments

5 Quick Tips For Herbs For Childhood Ailments.

Mullein Health BenefitsChildren are constantly getting ill as they grow up. Parents want safe and effective relief from common childhood ailments that don’t pose the risk of a lot of side effects. Here are 5 top medicinal herbs for childhood health complaints.


This is effective for upper respiratory issues like colds and flu, reliving the common symptoms and speeding recovery. It is also good for cuts, scrapes, and other common accident-related injuries.

Echinacea is generally safe for children from 2 to 11 years of ag...

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Mullein Flower

Important Facts That You Should Know About Mullein

Mullein Health Benefits“The mullein flower is a biennial plant native throughout Europe, Northern Africa, including Egypt and “Ethiopia, and temperate Asia as far as the Himalayas. The plant is mainly cultivated in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Egypt.

The Plant.

There are actually three major species of plants that share the common name of mullein. These are the great mullein or Verbascum thapsus, the orange mullein or Verbascum phlomoides, and Verbascum densiflorum or large-flowered mullein.

The mullein flower is a bienni...

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