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Preparing Herbs for Health

Preparing Herbs for Health and Healing…

Herbs for health and healingHerbal medicines have been used for centuries to aid in healing and maintain overall wellness. Many herbs are cheap and easy to grow and can be an effective addition to your overall self-care routine.

However, it is important to prepare and use them properly in order to avoid irritation or serious side effects.

Most people will buy a bottle of pills from their health food store, but the dried herb may not be as potent as the fresh, and the “dosage” might not be effective...

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List of Herbs & Their Benefits

 Herbs for Health and Healing

 Herbs for Health and Healing

Agar Agar. An algae from seaweed, it is a gelatinous natural thickener and is a natural laxative.

Agrimony .A valuable remedy for the digestive system it stimulates the digestive and liver secretions. It is also the herb of choice for appendicitis. Also treats incontinence, sore throats, and laryngitis. As a salve, it will aid in healing wounds and bruises.

Alder Tree .Use leaves for swelling. Especially helpful in easing the pain of swollen breast or burning and aching feet. Should be avoided if pregnant.

Alfalfa ...

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